Saturday, September 16, 2017


another misguided ghost with a fist to the sky
screaming in outrage about the cards it has been dealt

a semi conscious mind hoping to sleep it off for another night
headlights bathing his room with sickly yellow hue
and that borderline personality flaw in their mind
keeps you waiting in the line
we just see a empty list of self confessed loses
left out in the sunlight
bleached and faded
you're rushing to the road just to run back inside
and in any way, shape or form
please let me know if you're grateful
because i honestly don't know
you wrote your apology with colored pencils and primary construction paper
that's just narcissistic behavior
hiding behind kitchen blinds
because you're too afraid to open them and
you're no help
you're no help
all i see is a loose fitting t-shirt hanging off your already too slim frame
and there you go
rushing towards that busy road

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Aesthetic #9

Night sky, purple, lights, outside, summer nights | Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram: @TrustVital

Troubles coming for the free, man
We shake from shaking with the free hand
So stand tall, shout out with me

aesthetic, aesthetics, purple, soft grunge, water, First Set on Favim ...

Do your dirty work without me
Say you're best when no one can see
Stand up, catch fire with me

Pinterest: @mackenziemainka ❌

This kid's not alright
This kid's not alright
This kid's not alright
But this kid's not alright P U R P L E. Aesthetic. Purple neon colours. Water.

I've been sleeping with these
I've been sleeping with these thoughts, man
I've been contemplating singing them

This sky is my aesthetic  (had a band concert tonight, it was my last one at middle school)

So stand up, catch fire with me

ThisKidsNotAlright by Awolnation

Thursday, July 27, 2017


held my hand
and broke all my fingers

stepped outside with me
ans crushed my favorite flowers

i fell asleep 
and you tore off the covers

stapled my posters on my wall
and ripped them down

painted me a picture
and lit it on fire

vicious won't leave me alone

i wish i wasn't so vicious

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hello. This is a public PSA, I have exactly no ideas. Thank you.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Dire Situations

I'm just here to establish a albi
because i was hoping for better days
but i guess it's just not in the cards tonight 

and my brain is in stage four of a dire situation
because i can't seem to wake up from myself 
but i can carry on my week 
just not very well

and i've talked and talked again
but nothing is really helping but i know i really don't like how i've been feeling 

i keep moving but can't seem to go anywhere 
and I'm blue on the inside and it's creeping to the outside 
And i'm happy when i'm mad and mad when i'm sad 

i just can't seem to get ahold of what's going on in my head 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

No place

I haven't posted anything at all this month, which is my fault of course but I haven't been able to write anything that I really like so here's just a little something half done.

Engulfed in reds and blues
twisted in perception and the jealousy of who knows who

the walls have eyes
and they don't like what they see

i've got crystals growing in my heart
and cobwebs in every corner of my body
taking up valuable space I really don't have

pieces that won't fit together anymore
and letters addressed to no one