Friday, November 24, 2017

you're no friend of mine

i keep waking up at one excepting a sunrise
instead of headlights bouncing off of bedroom blinds

i'm afraid i lost my only good quality last night
and it's stuck in my head again

you told me i looked good with
fingers riddles with paper cuts
covered up carelessly with silver rings
so that's all i wear anymore

soaking wet hair matted against my scalp
because you couldn't be bothered to dry it

another drop in the bucket
and the liquid runs deep
and it burns like lighter fluid when it hits my skin

heavy eyelids i just want to rip off
pick off my eyelashes one by one

i heard there's a chance at an afterlife
and here i am stuck between thoughts of them

you're no friend of mine
you're no friend of mine

Sunday, November 19, 2017

just a collection of poetry scraps

i'm afraid i lost my only good quality
last night

 i keep waking up at midnight expecting a sunrise
and i can't keep it up anymore

if i'm not back by morning bury me in mahogany

write me a message and slide it under my door 
i'll read had once or twice

before tuckong it underneath floorboards and behind closet walls
move a couple of the skeletons in the closet
hanging up winter clothes

and if i'm not back by morning bury me in mahogany
draped in robes of white
with red bleeding into the seams

chicken scratches etched on my hand
and rings made of stained copper covering up the mess

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

wow, this is a really bad poem

Cigarette day dreams fog my vision
overplayed scene from yesterday
puffed up in a cloud of suspicion

now the lilac reflection is burned in my mind
when i keep myself up at night
rain or shine

do you know ashes from ashes
and dust to dust
David bowie is rolling over in his grave
laid to rest with his rose tinted glasses

Ziggy stardust is a dead man walking
burned out like the best
but even the dead don't stop talking

please don't go, i love you so
i love you so
where am i gonna go my darling
please don't go

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

not a good sign

you don't have your head on straight
because you left it by the bed this morning

and indigo veins trace paper thin skin

hoping for better weather and shorter days
but you hate the weather
and the headlines

lost in a nonchalant smile
and a pocket of unnamed pills
laced with fever dreams

engulfed in red
but you're blue on the inside and it's creeping to the outside

battered knuckles, bloodied and  bruised
is the perfect color to match you other wounds

saying good morning to the dead
too busy counting shadows
to notice the sun went down an hour ago

poking bruises that showed up out of nowhere
sleeping with shoes on

these aren't good sign

Sunday, September 24, 2017

FIVE things i'm hoping to accomplish in october but the odds of that are slim to none BECAUSE I'M SUPER LAZY but i'm cool with that

1: BE A LOT MORE ORGANIZED WITH SCHOOL (and life but we're taking baby steps okie)

All my notes look like a blind rat wrote them and when you're taking a test it's pretty difficult, I just want readable notes that's literally all I want.


Pretty much all I wear is skinny jeans that are also baggy (I don't know why) and oversized t-shirts, which is cool but at seventeen I get mistaken for a Freshman so I should probably dress like I'm seventeen


I'm getting mistaken for a Freshman and also my brother.
Not a good combo.


Honestly just workout more in general but I really need to run a lot more, like a lot.


Having a pessimist point of view is a drag.