Monday, January 16, 2017

A talk with death

i talked to death for the first time in months
wasn't looking too well
new bags underneath his eyes
and his clothes seemed a little worn out

our words seemed forced
like friend who hadn't seen each other for awhile
but i soon warmed up
he told me he missed me
and how i use to always try and meet him

i haven't felt like that for awhile
i confessed
i got better
i explained

and i'm happy you did
he told me
because our meetings always happened too soon
too fast
the timing was always wrong

i was just trying to do my job
but i couldn't carry out the task
he tried to say
not when you were like that

I have to breathe : Photo:


  1. I love this so much Chloee you don't even know. Haha, seriously though, this is amazing.

    - Jo

  2. ouch...this hurt. but in a good way. love it!

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  4. ... Mind Blown .....
    TG xxx
    target girl