Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Brain Rot

Star bright
First star I see tonight
Flick that lighter 
And see it shine
Let my mind rest tonight 
These compact voice in distress
Please Lord, give me a rest
24/7 they won't stop
24/7 my brain rots
24 voices in a row
Won't shut up and won't show
Their faces to match the sound
Wish they were six feet in the ground

It's late and i can't sleep because we're  fighting ... again ... not because of us, but because of them. And here i am, lying in bed playing with the first thing you ever gave me. You don't  know, you don't know that it gone from being my toy when i think of you and sit smiling mindlessly before me, to being the thing that i play with as tears stream down my face thinking about how much more i can take.