Thursday, February 2, 2017

White flags

i want to be listened to
but i don't even know
the commotion inside my brain

and obscure words
form at the tip of my tongue
but never make it past my teeth

so white flags are waving
by 10 pm
gripped in my hands as i sleep

the walls have ears
and doors are eyes
so many of us tell little white lies
soaked in the crimson color of regret
as it gets easier with each and every time

down in the chorus
screams their voices
trying to drown everyone out

head held higher
times are getting dire
with each and every sun rise

keep your head above water
quickly floating towards the storm
getting heavier with each and every turn

trembling hands never made great fighters
head held higher
as it gets quieter

quickly moving towards the chorus
quickly leaving the storm
quickly hearing their voices get hoarse

leaving little white flags hoisted

Patterson Maker: