Monday, March 13, 2017

Six word stories

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Even anchors couldn't weigh her down

Aesthetic #8

Oh you know I did it

It's over and I feel fine
Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind

Waiting and I wait at the longest night
Nothing like the taste to sweet decline

|| credits: <a href="/penpen0078/" title="penny">@penny</a> take it off? you'll be seeing my face blurry like this hand, and seeing Jesus soon. that's all I gotta say.

I was down, I fell, I fell so fast
Dropping like the grains in an hourglass

Never say forever cause nothing last
Dancing with the thorns of my buried past

Nevermind there's nothing I can do
Bet your life there's something killing you

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It's a shame we have to die my dear

No ones getting out of here, alive
This time