1: Dye my hair a weird color 4/12/15.
2: Volunteer.
3: Become famous.
4: Get a dog.  6/7/16
5: Go to a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert.
6: Get a psychic reading.
7: Travel the world.
8: Live a healthy life.
9: Join STL rowing team. 3/1/16
10: Write a book.
11: Go zip lining.
12: Learn to skateboard.
13: Try new things.
14: Build my dream house.
15: Mail a secret. 1/17/17
16: Learn to sing.
17: Be in a protest.
18: Get a really funky haircut.  5/14/15
19: Learn to play a instrument.
20:Learn to surf.
21: Travel to a random destination at the last second.
22: Attend a music festival.
23:Lean archery.
24:Go to Disneyland
25:Learn to ride a motorcycle.
26:Get super in shape over the summer.
27: Go to overnight summer camp.
28: Go to a Foo Fighters concert. 8/4/15
29: Get a book signed by a famous author. 6/13/15
30: Get my driver license.
31: Win a gold medal at a Regatta
32: Get straight A's
33: Travel to at least one state that takes longer than 12 hours.
34: Got to a Twenty One Pilots concert. 8/2/16
35: Shave my head 1/7/2017
36: Go to California
37: Go to the Tim Burton restaurant in LA
38: Fly in a plane.
39: Carry out my New Year's resouloution for one enitire year


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you do collabs? I'm interested in collaborating with other bloggers and YouTubers. Here's the link to my blog: http://pastelpoppies.wixsite.com/pastel-poppies
    Also, I added your blog button to my blog. Can you add mine to yours?

    Lea D.

    1. I would love to collab and trade buttons!