Candle flames in the dark.
Flicker on and off.
Blown of by an unseen breath.
Footsteps echo though the hallways.
Sending shivers up your spine.
Their sounds are the only ones in this empty place.
Shadows cast by the glow of the silver moon toy with your mind.
Making the monsters that hide in the back of your mind come out from hiding.
It makes you realize insanity's in the back of the minds of everyone wanting out.
Hoping one day you'll let it out.

Box Of Feelings

That little box I keep.
Tucked in the closet.
Engraved with a tulip.
That you don't know of.
It holds all my hopes dreams and secrets.
The glittering gold that glows from the box.
Those are my dreams.
And that shining silver shooting from it.
Those are my hopes.
And that blue drifting out.
Those are my secrets.
But that black that seeps from the box.
Those are my fears.
It slowly slips out showing them what lays at the bottom.
Hidden beneath all my hopes dreams and secrets.
Laying at the bottom.
Hoping no one will find them.
The foul smell.
And it's the stuff nightmare's are made of.
It taunts and teases.
The silent screams come from the box at night.
And they whisper for me to turn the key.
That'll let them out to roam. 


I've tried so hard to let those locked up memories go.

But no matter what they always take hold.
It's not the same knowing you won't be here with me.
Why can't I see.

That it's a hopeless forgotten tragic piece clouding my mind.

And it's leaving me in sleepless nights.

The gears are turning.
And I'm still learning.For me to let you go.With every inch of my soul.I wish I could get up.And cross this bump.You've caused me to feel.But what made you steal.Those bit's of me.
I want back my key.

Do you remember those nights.

When we would stay up till the lights.
Turned off and the sky.
Was filled with the stars way up high.
The time we would spend.
Thinking of what we would do when we're old.
Even when the seasons turned cold.
You were always there for me to laugh and rant and cry.
The you would tell me to cheer up and think.
Of the good times we had and the bad times seemed to slink.
Away from my mind.
That's the reason why you there for me.
That's all I ever need. 

World Of Dreams
The dreams floating in our mind.
As we lay our head down every night.

The outside world is tuned out.

Leaving our dreams to scream and shout.

The colorful things we wish for.

Because in our dreams we can have anything our hearts adore.

And though when we wake up you may have nothing.

When your dreaming you can everything you could ever think.
And the twinkling stars.That light up the black night that seems to sallow the sky that you can see from here to mars.You have to remember you'll have your dream.When you fall asleep.Every time you want to go into slumber.Your always have that secret number.Of your dreams.
No matter what it seems.

This world of black and white.
Where uniqueness is looked down upon.

The opened minded are locked out.

Fitting in is considered better then standing out.

The TV blares the latest fashion or diet craze.

Leaving the outcast,losers,freaks, and geeks out.

The different are cast aside for the barbie blond.

Giving the state we're in.
I'm surprised we haven't crashed.The one's with the big dream's are blown up.One's with heart's that need mending are torn at the seam's.And one's with the wild spirits are broken.

When you try to be yourself they look the other way.

                                             Making the reality you thought you knew gone.

The hurt step side's and the anger boils underneath.

You fight the upper class causing them to cast you out.

The rebellion grows stronger.

Making you fight harder.

You lose hope and fall deeper into the pit your trying to climb out.

That society formed.
But you look in the mirror and see the reflection of the you that changed.
The primed and proper never stepping out of line.
You never spoke up.
And you break the mirror sherd's of your former self fly all over.
The feeling of joy.
You stand up straight.
Walking out to be yourself.
Nothing they say can stop you.
The power they had is gone.
You lose the feeling of doubt.
The normal is a plastic fake.
You smile as they taunt and tease.
But you can stop listing to to them.
Smile and wave.
Let yourself shine.

Daylight breaks though the window pane.
The clouds let the sun peek though like a child playing peek a boo.
The wind was calm saving up for a storm.
Birds chirped and flew.
The tree swayed and danced thought he wind.
The river ran with swiftness.
Flowers gleamed in the sun
The lazy days of summer. 

Pen And Words
Drink in the words.

And think about what they hold.
The power of the pen.
You never want it to end.
The ink flows onto the paper.
If it's a action or caper.
The feeling is the best.
Never settle for less.
The words will be the same.
Like they are untamed.

Sands Of Time
Sand's of time fall down. 
Coming closer to the ground.

The twirling grains cover the pile.

Watch your time go down the dial.

Swirling and turning though the hourglass.

As you watch the year's pass.

Growing old and frail.

Waiting for the time to sail. 

Will you be there forever.
And follow me to the moon or wherever.
You'll be the twinkle in my eyes.
The fire that'll never die.
The rope that will never break our braid.
Promise me you'll never trade.
My heart for hers no matter what.
And you'll never keep the door to your heart shut.
You'll be there when I need you to laugh or cry.
Don't say goodbye.

The Only Story
Broken pieces of my story trickle down my pen
I remember telling this again and again and again.
Now I'm lighting it on fire.
The me that used to be the town liar.
The one that worried about what they thought
When I was the one who was distraught.
I can't believe I used to let myself bring me down.
That I used to be pushed to ground.
By myself and wouldn't let me see.
What I could be.
The one with the frown sewn on to my face.
But now It's erased.
I used to keep up my walls.
And they were built so tall.
I couldn't break them down.
I was being pulled away but now.
I let go of all the things.
I can spread my wings.

Mirror mirror on the wall.
Who's the fairest one of all.
Is it me.
If so then why do all I see.
Is disappointment on my face.
Why must we all be saved by a grace.
No more will I belittle myself.
I won't put myself on the shelf.
I'll shine more bright.
Like a light.

I don't know what's gonna happen in the time I'm alive.
All I know is that  have to survive.
And if though that wasn't enough there's the unknown.
I don't know if I'm alone.
Or if I'll be extraordinary.
And all I know is diversionary.
It seems I can't understand what's going on in this world.
I don't want to believe what I'm told.
I just want to be the one to figure out what's wrong.
And it won't be long.

Like Means All
Life the word that means so much.
But why do we hold so little but want think we have enough.
Some are find no meaning in the life.
Others think think it's a giant ride.
It's so long yet so fast.
You blink and half of it's gone and you want more to last.
Your going though the motions.
You give it so much devotion.
For what no one knows what comes next.
But what makes life so vexed.
We try to find the meaning.
Sometimes it's cold and demeaning.
You have to pull on and ahead.
Work everyday till your hearts bled.
Everyday your gonna face problems.
Sometimes you've got work from the bottom.
Though at the end it's worth it and all that happened.
You found your sanity in this maddened thing called life.

They All Judge
They judge you on everything.
Your clothes your hair and saying you stink.
But you have to stop believing them and what they say.
Don't let them get to you even though they may.
You are you and you can't change.
Live by your range.
Don't give them the credit they want.
Even though they may talk and rant.
Be yourself it's fine.
Just be yours and I'll be mine.

Your Every Dreams
My momma told me when I was young.

If you can dream it you can get done.
So I look up into the sky.
And all those twinkling lights.
I believe are the dreams of those who wish.
To fly or be rich.
Or those who want peace or no death.
And with every breath I take I wish on every star.
And when I do I look far.
To find that one wish that will come true.
And that what I will always do when I look at the sky.

The Storm Around
The storm inside me gathered.
And the bruises of my soul and how it was battered.
The clouds formed in my eyes.
I built up my wall when they hurt me. 
So they couldn't see.
What confusion and trouble they caused when they told those lies.
But know I see that I was wrong to hold in the storm in my mind.
The thunder is rolling.
And the lighting that was inside boiling.
Is finally setting free.
And will be unleashed.
Nothing they do will bother me or my mind set.
That you can bet.

The Magic's There
The fairies that once flew are now gone like the summer wind.
                            And the mermaids who would sing their songs for the heart to mend.

And the dragons once magnificent fire is now gone .

And the griffin with it's prideful height.

But many wonder if they'll ever be back and if they won the fight.

The whimsy of the magic's still here.

Only it's in the minds of those who have no fear.

But they left because some many stopped believing.
But you have to remember it's not always about seeing.
And the dragon still calls out.
The magic will always be the same glorious amount,
The fairy dust floats in their dreams.
But don't lose belief even though it seems.
The magic is lost but it was never really found.
Those who believe know it's still around.

18 and going off to war,
He wipes the tears off his mothers eyes.
Please don't go! She cries.
He smiles so She can't see the fear in his eyes.
It'll be fine Mom I'll be home soon.
He sits in a ditch behind enemy line.
The ground dyed red from the fallen of his kind.
He remembers the look on his mothers face.
The look of fear and shock.
He charges with his troops and fires off the first shot.
He's mother looks at him and smiles.
Finally back home from all the fighting.
Her baby boy came back home.

Take The Mask
It's time I told the truth.
Open all the doors I closed.
I'm pulling off the mask I wore.
I asked myself why I did all those things.
I feel the pain and it stings.
The tears on my face tell me it was real.
I shut my eyes and wish it all away.
It's all gonna be okay.
I scream but nothing will come out.
The darkness tries to take hold.
I won't do what I was told.
Let me go.
Don't let me see the wrong.

The Night Sky
Stars light the dark sky.
The moon shines bright.
The sky's an inky black.
The eerie silence is strangely soothing.
The warm air is cool
Owls hoot, Crickets chirp
Shadows dance their own dance.
The wind blows.
Nothing is moving.
The world and all has stopped don't want to be the last.
They say it's just a phase.
It won't always be this way.
But I've locked up my heart so many times.
I don't know what's real.
I'm afraid someone will steal it.
I need to know why.
Maybe I'll say good bye. 

The Watery Grave
I stare into the cold  lake.
I try to forget what I was told.
I had died last night I remember this with the fright of the unknown.

My black hair wrestles with the wind.

The woods make no sound as though it knows not to wake me from my thoughts just like it ought to.

The clouds hide the sun making the woods as cold and silent as me.

I look Around and tough the ground not making a Sound.

I touch my pale face it feels cold as ice all the life is gone and it feels as cold as the steel of a knife.

I touch my heart to hear it pound but there is no sound.

I'm gone from the world.

I'm just a sprite having to walk the the ground forever it seems.

The lake water shimmer, and shines, and gleams.

I wipe the tear's away for good would it do.

The raven's scream the deaths of spirit.

As I hear it I feel the wind move.

I touch the water of the lake my finger's slipping through.

I linger for awhile by the lake.

I ponder the thought of being dead.

I see the tree branches close in trying to drag me to my grave.

I break free from there cold arms.

I thought I was safe.

The vine's wrap around me.

I try to escape.

The grass tangle's it self in me.

The lake whispers for me to come.
I tried to fight but it was too strong.
I could feel the lake drag me down.
I tried to scream but there was no sound.

I stepped in the water it splashed against my leg's.

I felt the cold drag me down.

The darkness swallowed me whole.

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