Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little ghost

little ghost little ghost why do you hear me the most
floating between my ribcage and drifting past my iris
intertwine in my hand
fingers grasping little wisps

little ghost little ghost gotta get out of my head
find a new host
gotta scare someone else because i don't think my heart can take this much more
bone's are cracking and teeth are rattling when you float around
too bad i'm the only one who sees you

little ghost little ghost please just go
i can't survive on this little sleep because you keep me awake at night
talking to me in that voice that sends shivers through my spine
too bad i'm the only one who hears you
i would send you away in a heartbeat

little ghost little ghost i don't want you around anymore
it's not fun like it was before
you're not the same like at first
you don't hang around to help me anymore
i want you gone
but who would i talk to when i'm awake at night

"i looked around the clean room, wondering where i was, and why i was in it.":

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