Friday, January 6, 2017

The aspect of a gap year

I'll turn 17 on April 11th this year.

 I never really thought I would be that old, even though it's not even close to what most would call old but age is a very concerning topic for me, and I'm reaching the time where I must pick and choose to do with my life path. Do I want to chose to go into college right after High School or do I want to take a year off for gap year? I know I want to row in college, I'm certain of that. 

If everything was rainbows and gumdrops I would get a scholarship to row but there's always the slim chance that won't happen, since college rowing is a lesser known sport then say, college football and so the number of scholarships they give out for rowing is much lower than football. 

Never less, why do I want to go right into college? I guess I figured it would be the right way to start if my life as an adult but would I be unhappy if I did that? I know I have so many things to do in my life and college might overtake that precious time. Obliviously I will be going to college no matter what, but maybe not at that particular time. 

I might have to rewrite my entire plan, but I might be happier that way.

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